I & Dirty Water – How to control Mood Swings

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mood swing:

(noun)  an abrupt and unaccountable change of mood.


It was always my friends talking about my mood swings but I never consciously caught my mood swinging. I, for the first time, realized it after my break-up.

Bad relationship it was. I was into depression. Few days later, I found my ex with some other guy. My depression turned into jealousy. I messaged her. She saw my message but didn’t reply. My jealousy turned into anger. Next day, she blocked me. My anger turned into sadness.

Like a Chameleon changing its colors, my moods were changing from one color to other.

It was a monsoon evening. I sat by my bedroom’s window looking at the gloomy climate. A little far from our stay is a slum colony. They live by the footpath. A boy of six or seven walked out from one of those slum huts, with a bucket and mug.

He went to a mud puddle that’s just dirty water accumulated by rain. He was trying to collect water from it. He was creaming it, trying to filter, but nothing was working. The water is blended with dirt.

For more than twenty minutes, he tried. And then, he gave up. He left.

I felt sad for that little boy who was seeking for some fresh water. He gave his best, but of no use.

Sun went down in a couple of hours.

The boy came back with the same bucket and mug. He crouched near the puddle and collected water. Surprisingly, the water had no dirt in it. I might have learned this as a science experiment, but the little boy learned it from his necessity.

He gave up, only to come back later. Because he understood, that the muddy water doesn’t need any efforts, but just time. Give a little time—the clean will come up, and the dirt will settle down.

I was doing the same mistake which the boy did. My mood swings weren’t settling for the same fact—I’m NOT giving it time.


 What are mood swings?


Mood swings are fluctuations of different emotions in a short span. The word ‘mood swings’ has something to do with time. We call it a swing because it is an abrupt shift from one emotion to other. So, the solution is also in parameters of time.

Our minds are like mud puddles. Like that little boy, we try to filter it. But the more we try, the dirtier we are making it. The thing we don’t understand is that we need to give time for our mood swings. Only then, they will settle and you’ll attain peace of mind. 


The Best thing you’ve to do when you are having a mood swing is: Do Nothing.


I see many people searching for: How to control mood swings? How to cope up with mood swings?

The answer is, do nothing at all. Step out of all action, all conversations, all things that might trigger an emotion. Rest for a while, play a game, go on a ride, eat something, whatever. But do nothing about that emotion.

If you are sad, don’t think of ways to get out of sadness. Let it be, and give up. Within a few minutes, you find your sadness settled at the bottom. This is extremely important to understand.


We have a bad habit of trying to solve things. But that will only mess you up in this case. Because emotions cannot be solved. In the first case, understand that emotions are not problems. They are just dirt particles. They settle on their own if you stop stirring.

Mood swings are normal. But, its reflections are the real problem. Being sad is okay. But what you do in that sadness is the problem. If you are angry at someone, it’s okay. But then, you immediately text them, or call them, or stalk at their profile. And any of these might trigger another reason for your anger.


Situation is the mother of emotion.

We know that situations aren’t permanent, so are emotions. But your actions are permanent. I see people taking hard decisions in life, just because of a tiny situation. Remember, someday, situations and emotions pass. But the things you messed up because of them will remain.


You want a divorce from your wife because you didn’t like the sandwich she made for breakfast. She can make a better sandwich tomorrow, or the day after. Even if she fails, you can buy a sandwich. But divorce will permanently separate her from your life.

This is a ridiculous example, you may say. But look back at your life. How many times did you take Big decisions in your mood swings? Aren’t they ridiculous?

Once my friend was having a fight with his girlfriend, on phone. Call dropped. Thinking that she switched off the phone in between, he slit his wrist. He was angry, furious, out of control. Five minutes later he got a callback, she said, ‘Sorry, no charging. I just plugged in.’

Now, that scar on his wrist will stay forever. Isn’t this ridiculous? I think, my sandwich example was better.


Look at yourself. Your mood swings. Don’t try to solve them. Don’t consider them as problems in the first case. If there’s something you really want to do—Do NOT make decisions during a mood swing. Give time for your dirt to settle.



Give up! Give time. Let the water settle.


Think about it.

Share it with those whom you think should take care of their mood swings. Help your self. Help others.