Three Magical Words

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Winds played in the gaps of her hair
trying to hear secrets she’ll whisper
but those, she didn’t wish to share
except to the guy next to her

she said her dear dreams, she showed her tears
she whispered her screams, she poured her fears
all to him, all to him
only him, only him

The world full of eyes
were blind to her soul
all of what she was
was deep as charcoal

The dawns went unnoticed
when her heart was noticed

after all that she said to him
she wished to hear from him

she waited for three words that could heal her
but he said something sweeter than ‘I love you’
he said three magical words which she longed for
embracing her soul, he said ‘I understand you’


Note from Author:

In the end, isn’t that what we all long for?
love is what we want
but understanding is what we need
Not all can give the second!


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