True Friend

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I always wish to say, He is my friend
Though I’m afraid I’d say, He was my friend
Without his presence, it’s been so long
I wonder every day, “what’s wrong?”


After him, I found a hundred new
who attend my parties as a crew
But he comes not. It’s been so long
I wonder at parties, “what’s wrong?”


The night before my birthday
Some come with a cake, some with a word
Some come with a wish, some with a card
Sometimes, he’s the last to wish
Sometimes, he’s the one to miss
I wait for him, it’s been so long
I wonder on birthdays, “what’s wrong?”


There are times I think if his thoughts have me
There are days I doubt if he remembers me
I forgive his memory as if it’s a silent song
I wonder every now, “what’s wrong?”


He’s the last. He’s the least.
when the world is my best.


When I write a depressing post
When I’m as lonely as a ghost
When I face my demons to fight
When my life does not go alright
And when I lose all that is strong
He is the first to text, “what’s wrong?”




From the Author’s Desk:

This is dedicated to all those friends who may not appear on Whatsapp stories and Instagram posts but appear when we really need someone.

True friend is like a star. He might be invisible at dawn. But shines in your darkest nights.

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