Dad’s Day

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“Dad, let’s go out,” she said
planning a secret surprise

Almond cake with french fries
Red T-shirt, gogs and Levi’s
She asked her friend to get ’em all
while she sits with her dad in mall

She planned for dad’s day
to make her dad’s day

By ten, she took her dad to mall
waiting for her friend’s arrival
excited she was, excited she was
for her exciting dad’s day surprise

She killed time, gossiping with dad
she killed time, conversing with dad
She killed time, waiting for her careless friend
She killed time, wishing the clocks do not end

“Worried about something?” dad asked
“Nothing, nothing, nothing,” she lied

It was five, in the evening, when she started cursing
For her friend missing, for her plans disappointing
Without the surprise, her dad’s day is gone
until her dad said it in his happiest tone
“You made my day. A perfect dad’s day.”

“But dad, what did I do?” she asked
“You spent a day. That’s all I needed.”


From Author’s Desk:
Yes, That’s all they need. It’s not about how big or how great your surprises are, end of the day, all your dad wishes is for you, to kill some of your time for him. That’s what make dad’s day. That’s what makes your dad’s day.