Same Dreams

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He was lean and eight
She was cute and eight
Like every morning, they walked to school
Through the winds gushing mild and cool

“What you wanna be?” he asked.
“Doctor,” she said.
“What you wanna be?” she asked.
“Doctor,” he said.

“Why?” he asked.
“I want to save lives,” she said.
“Why you?’ she asked.
“I want to save lives, too,” he said.

They walked halfway to the school
crossing their favorite swimming pool

“We can save lives together,” she said.
“Yes, we can save lives together,” he said.

“We have same dreams,” she smiled.
“Yes, we have same dreams,” he smiled.

The dawn was both, little dark and little fair
They reached school, walked to the classroom door
She went in with bag, books and more
While he picked up a broom from the floor

Same dreams
But, not same lives


From Author’s Desk:
Child labor kills many same dreams. Don’t let them earn when they need to learn. Say No, to Child Labor. Make sure you don’t find any little hand, carrying weights they aren’t supposed to. Children working will only prove the incapability of every adult on the planet.
Save Children, and their dreams.