True Friend

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I always wish to say, He is my friend
Though I’m afraid I’d say, He was my friend
Without his presence, it’s been so long
I wonder every day, “what’s wrong?”


After him, I found a hundred new
who attend my parties as a crew
But he comes not. It’s been so long
I wonder at parties, “what’s wrong?”


The night before my birthday
Some come with a cake, some with a word
Some come with a wish, some with a card
Sometimes, he’s the last to wish
Sometimes, he’s the one to miss
I wait for him, it’s been so long
I wonder on birthdays, “what’s wrong?”


There are times I think if his thoughts have me
There are days I doubt if he remembers me
I forgive his memory as if it’s a silent song
I wonder every now, “what’s wrong?”


He’s the last. He’s the least.
when the world is my best.


When I write a depressing post
When I’m as lonely as a ghost
When I face my demons to fight
When my life does not go alright
And when I lose all that is strong
He is the first to text, “what’s wrong?”




From the Author’s Desk:

This is dedicated to all those friends who may not appear on Whatsapp stories and Instagram posts but appear when we really need someone.

True friend is like a star. He might be invisible at dawn. But shines in your darkest nights.

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Three Magical Words

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Winds played in the gaps of her hair
trying to hear secrets she’ll whisper
but those, she didn’t wish to share
except to the guy next to her

she said her dear dreams, she showed her tears
she whispered her screams, she poured her fears
all to him, all to him
only him, only him

The world full of eyes
were blind to her soul
all of what she was
was deep as charcoal

The dawns went unnoticed
when her heart was noticed

after all that she said to him
she wished to hear from him

she waited for three words that could heal her
but he said something sweeter than ‘I love you’
he said three magical words which she longed for
embracing her soul, he said ‘I understand you’


Note from Author:

In the end, isn’t that what we all long for?
love is what we want
but understanding is what we need
Not all can give the second!


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Dad’s Day

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“Dad, let’s go out,” she said
planning a secret surprise

Almond cake with french fries
Red T-shirt, gogs and Levi’s
She asked her friend to get ’em all
while she sits with her dad in mall

She planned for dad’s day
to make her dad’s day

By ten, she took her dad to mall
waiting for her friend’s arrival
excited she was, excited she was
for her exciting dad’s day surprise

She killed time, gossiping with dad
she killed time, conversing with dad
She killed time, waiting for her careless friend
She killed time, wishing the clocks do not end

“Worried about something?” dad asked
“Nothing, nothing, nothing,” she lied

It was five, in the evening, when she started cursing
For her friend missing, for her plans disappointing
Without the surprise, her dad’s day is gone
until her dad said it in his happiest tone
“You made my day. A perfect dad’s day.”

“But dad, what did I do?” she asked
“You spent a day. That’s all I needed.”


From Author’s Desk:
Yes, That’s all they need. It’s not about how big or how great your surprises are, end of the day, all your dad wishes is for you, to kill some of your time for him. That’s what make dad’s day. That’s what makes your dad’s day.


Same Dreams

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He was lean and eight
She was cute and eight
Like every morning, they walked to school
Through the winds gushing mild and cool

“What you wanna be?” he asked.
“Doctor,” she said.
“What you wanna be?” she asked.
“Doctor,” he said.

“Why?” he asked.
“I want to save lives,” she said.
“Why you?’ she asked.
“I want to save lives, too,” he said.

They walked halfway to the school
crossing their favorite swimming pool

“We can save lives together,” she said.
“Yes, we can save lives together,” he said.

“We have same dreams,” she smiled.
“Yes, we have same dreams,” he smiled.

The dawn was both, little dark and little fair
They reached school, walked to the classroom door
She went in with bag, books and more
While he picked up a broom from the floor

Same dreams
But, not same lives


From Author’s Desk:
Child labor kills many same dreams. Don’t let them earn when they need to learn. Say No, to Child Labor. Make sure you don’t find any little hand, carrying weights they aren’t supposed to. Children working will only prove the incapability of every adult on the planet.
Save Children, and their dreams.