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Life is not a Race. The Tortoise and the Hare story
Life is NOT a Race
Life is NOT a Race. Read the Counter-Interpretation of the classic tale: The Tortoise and the Hare.
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graphic poster of the word overthinking
How to Stop Overthinking (Instantly)
Learn how to stop overthinking using the easiest mind control techniques that actually work.
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How successful people become successful
I & Buffet – How successful people become successful?
Learn the only common factor which is present in every successful man.
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How to control mood swings. Graphic poster of a water splash
I & Dirty Water – How to control Mood Swings
Mood swings are like dirty water! Understand mood swings and How to control mood swings to make your life and
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what is fear? overcome fear. Stable wanderer
What is fear?
To fight your fears, you must know What is fear in the first case. Read this brief and fantastic analysis
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How to save your suicidal friend ? An articles by stable wanderer. Graphic poster of a friend helping
How to save your friend from suicidal thoughts
Is your friend having suicidal thoughts? Here's how you can help and save your suicidal friend.
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graphic poster of sandwich. Secret to failure. Stable Wanderer
I & Sandwich – The Secret to Failure
The easiest way to succeed is to know the secret to failure.
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graphic poster of turtle. Why shouldn't play safe. Stable wanderer
I & Turtle – Why you shouldn’t play safe
The real risk is when you don't take any risk, when you play safe. Confused? Read to know how.
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graphic poster of search engine. peace of mind. Stable wanderer
I & Google – Searching for Peace of Mind
Where to find Peace of Mind? I was pondering about it all my life until that day when I finally
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graphic poster of pearl and corel. How to be different. Stable Wanderer
I & Pearl Store – How to be different
How to stand out from the crowd? How to be unique? Read the thought-provoking article to know the secret.
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I & Pet Bird – What we can do
Everyone has a dream, but how many of them really end up living the life of their dreams? How not
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graphic poster of restaurant plate, fork and spoon. Purpose of life. Stable Wanderer
I & Restaurant – The Purpose of Life
Have you ever questioned your own existence? Read the contemplation on "The Purpose of Life"
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